Product information

Unique teat that babies love
We know it can be hard finding a bottle that your baby will like using. Our teat has a unique breastlike shape that 97% of babies accept.

Less risk of air hurting your baby’s tummy
The unique double anti-colic system provides doubled protection thanks to:

  • The ergonomically shaped teat that closes the corners of your baby’s mouth, stopping them from swallowing air.
  • The air valve ensures a vacuum isn’t formed inside the bottle.

No lumps
With traditional baby bottles, it’s not uncommon for the nipple to get stopped up from lumps in the formula. In our eco baby bottle, the mixer lid with the pegs breaks up the lumps.

Teats/nipples with different flows
All our baby bottles comes with a teat: 220 ml/7.5 floz size M och 320 ml/11 floz size L. You can also purchase Herobility teats in 5 different sizes right here on, ranging from XS to XL. XS is slightly smaller in size and is most suitable for smaller babies. The remaining sizes, S through XL, are the same size, but feature different amount of flow, which you can choose based on what’s best for your baby.

Designed in Sweden
All of Herobility’s products are designed in Sweden, developed by parents and approved by babies.

Safe materials
We carefully select materials that are safe to use, while reducing our environmental impact whenever possible. All of Herobility’s products are free from BPA, BPS and other harmful substances.

This product is made from glass, bioplastics and silicone. Read more about our choices of materials on our sustainability page.